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VIP Care & Low Resolution Time

Statistics reveal that a call to customer care centre lasts from few minutes to an hour which, most of the times, leaves the customer perplexed and disappointed. The bulk of the time goes in recognizing, identifying and understanding the problem; the resolution of the problem does not entail so much time. With the advent of smart-phones and third party apps this problem has become more acute.

Telecom providers require a solution that can proactively solve customer problems and improve their experience. A solution that immediately identify problem areas and take corrective action even before the customer makes a call to the customer care center would be highly beneficial. The solution should be unobtrusive and has to work in background without interfering with normal telecom services.

We have a software agent that can measure various device, app and data parameters dynamically in real-time. The solution not only seamlessly and unobtrusively measures various parameters but also determines the potential problem areas. It remains hidden and the measurements do not impact the consumer experience in any manner.

The parameters so measured can be used to remedy the faults proactively. This will not only reduce time to provide customer care but, more importantly, improve the consumer experience.

By employing our agent network operators can stay ahead of competition, improve quality of service and provide good consumer experience.

  1. A real-time insight into customer problems
  2. 360 view of actual customer experience to enable faster and different care
  3. Proactive care for VIP customers – high value and corporate customers
  4. A knowledgebase of problem areas with potential solutions
  5. Reduction in time consumed for customer care calls
  6. Lower Churn and increase Consumer Life Time Value
  7. Uncover device-detected and user-detected problems
  8. Helps in strategic planning
  1. OTA installation and remote device control
  2. PAAS – No CapEX investment required
  3. Integration with network logs like Ericsson/ALU to complete the picture
  4. Measurement of consumer experience is also possible
  5. Storage of results for benchmarking
  6. Integration with existing Customer Care platforms
  7. Automated trouble-ticket generation


  • The solution comprises of a multi-tier architecture having server component and device agent. The device agent captures various device, app and data parameters and sends the data to server for complete analysis. The device agent also rectifies small faults if possible.
  • The device agent is installed OTA and work unobtrusively in background. It can also be randomly invoked to check the health of device and also to send device and OS parameters to the server.
  • Rich KPI Set
  • Our solution supports multiple RAN technologies
    • 4G
      • LTE
      • HSPA+
      • WiMax
    • 3G
      • HSPA
      • WCDMA
      • UMTS
  • Our solution can be used with all the leading smart phones
    • RIM Blackberrys
    • Apple iPhones
    • Google Android based phones
    • Microsoft Windows 7 based phones
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