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VIP Care & Low Resolution Time

In today’s cut-throat competitive world, every business attempts to woo consumers by doing multifarious things. However, the consumers’ prime requirement is best in class service viz. quality  of calls, data throughput speed et. el. These parameters, traditionally, can either be found out by expensive & sometimes unreliable market surveys or by intensive & large scale testing. Both of these are neither practically feasible nor provide a true consumer experience measurement.

Telecom providers require a solution that can capture consumers’ experience seamlessly, continuously and unobtrusively. A solution that can measure the consumer experience dynamically at the time of usage of telecom services would be highly beneficial.

We have a technology oriented solutions that measure various consumer experience parameters dynamically in real-time. The solution seamlessly and unobtrusively measures various parameters so that the measurement does not impact the consumer experience in any manner.

We have a suite of enterprise mobile apps that can be installed on a smart device Over The Air. The apps can measure consumer experience related to voice calls, texting, data usage etc. The measurement can give insight into consumer behavior and help in providing better care.

By employing these our apps network operators can stay ahead of competition, improve quality of service and provide good consumer experience.

  1. A real-time insight into customer behavior
  2. 360 view of actual customer experience to enable faster and differentiated care
  3. Possible reduction in time consumed for customer care calls
  4. Uncover device-detected and user-detected problems
  5. Helps in strategic planning
  1. OTA installation and remote device control
  2. PAAS – No CapEX investment required
  3. Consolidation of network related customer data can be used to determine the health of network
  4. Integration with network logs like Ericsson/ALU to complete the picture
  5. Measurement of consumer experience at the point of service taken (PoST)
  6. Storage of results for benchmarking


  • The solution comprises of a multi-tier architecture having server and device components. The devices components capture various parameters related to consumer experience and send the data to server for complete analysis.
  • The device components are installed OTA and work unobtrusively in background. They can also be randomly invoked to ask service experience related questions.
  • Rich KPI Set
  • Our solution supports multiple RAN technologies
    • 4G
      • LTE
      • HSPA+
      • WiMax
    • 3G
      • HSPA
      • WCDMA
      • UMTS
  • Our solution can be used with all the leading smart phones
    • RIM Blackberrys
    • Apple iPhones
    • Google Android based phones
    • Microsoft Windows 7 based phones
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