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Dallas, Texas and Las Vegas – March 23, 2010

NIL-Labs Launches Consumer-centric Mobi-Xperience™ QoS Platform

Solution Provides Consumer-centric Information about Wireless Experience, Helps Identify CAPEX and OPEX Spends to Improve User Experience, and Promotes Operator Sustainability

NIL-Labs, a leading provider of converged network solutions to the telecom, energy and transportation industries, today announced Mobi-XperienceT QoS, a suite of solutions that give mobile operators as well as handset and network equipment OEMs deep, actionable insights into the customer experience. Mobi-Xperience addresses one of mobile operators' top priorities: ensuring a superior user experience across voice, data and media-rich services in order to attract and retain consumer and enterprise customers.

  Showcased at this week's CTIA Wireless 2010 show in Las Vegas, the Mobi-Xperience QoS suite focuses on four primary areas of turning customer-experience information into actionable insights for operators: consumer-centric network optimization to address network capacity, reliability and coverage; radio network benchmarking for service quality assurance; consumer surveying and analytics for real-time quality of service (QoS) data; and proactive customer care to offer high-priority problem resolution for premium-billing customers.

  "Consumers and business users recognize when mobile operators have a reputation for poor service, creating opportunities for a rival to use a superior customer experience to differentiate itself," said Sanjay Ambekar, Senior Vice President, NIL-Labs. "The Mobi-Xperience QoS suite gives operators an unprecedented view into the key performance indicators that have the greatest impact on the user experience, reducing churn and customer-acquisition costs. An optimal user experience also increases ARPU because the higher the network’s performance, the more customers will depend on it for a wide variety of services."

  According to Ambekar, the Mobi-XperienceT QoS suite promotes operator sustainability initiatives by enabling customers to provide real-time network-monitoring information. Traditionally, operator benchmarking has been conducted with extensive drive testing with specialized data collection equipment that may not reflect the actual experience of commercial handsets and does not capture indoor usage. Now, operators and independent benchmark companies can capture the end user mobile experience in an automated manner through client software loaded onto commercial devices of real consumers or testing staff.

The Mobi-Xperience QoS suite consists of the following software products

  • MobiReporter™, which consists of a server and over-the-air deployable mobile client that collects key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • MobiSurvey™, which consists of an over-the-air deployable mobile survey client and a survey designer for easy creation and management of highly, targeted user surveys. By using it conjunction with MobiReporter™, operators can better understand what factors, along with their respective thresholds, contribute to a customer's perception of poor experience.
  • MobiManager™, which provides tools for creating reports that analyze the user experience of customer groups, filterable by metrics such as zip code, time and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
Generally available now, the Mobi-Xperience QoS suite is currently in trial with various customers globally, including a Tier-1 U.S. operator.

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