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NIL-Lab’s mission is to invest in building innovative products and solutions that emphasize the importance of the consumer experience in the next-generation wireless revolution. In last two years, there has been a paradigm shift in the way the networks have evolved. For the first time, most of the new network technologies and expansions were led by smart devices. This change has evolved to the point where it will be driven by end consumers. The single most important factor will be the actual consumer experience when interacting with the network. To compete and stay ahead, operators, device manufacturers and OEMs, and application developers must consider the importance of the consumer experience based Q0S (Quality of Service) in their offerings and strategies.

The critical questions that must be addressed are how do you acquire timely, relevant information about the consumer experience and how do you use it to employ better strategies on network expansions, marketing, customer care and support, etc. to better the quality of service to the end consumers ?

NIL-Labs has invested its R&D acumen and market knowledge to create the consumer centric Mobi-Xperience QoS Platform™ that will offer service providers, business enterprises, and OEMs the capability to collect customer experience data and employ it for various “use cases” and development of new service offerings and improve the quality of service. NIL-Labs has world-class Delivery & Competence Centers in the U.S., India, and UAE that provide access to best-in-class talent and innovation. The company offers the highest standard of support to its worldwide customers from these centers and conducts truly global R&D


Driven By Consumer-Xperience™

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