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Device Solutions
Maximize Investment & Reduce Opex

There are large number of disparate smart devices with several variants of OS available in the market. There are thousands of apps available on these devices and many more are being launched every day. Today, network operators are unaware of most of these apps and some of these apps impact device/network performance appreciably.

Most of the popular smart apps, as we know today, were designed for wire-line networks. The wireless devices are designed for fast dormancy which is not possible with these apps. We have a suite of enterprise apps solutions that measure the impact of smart apps on device and network.

Our solution can be used for validating and rating the apps.  The solution can test the apps ‘Over The Air’ and it can simulate user behavior to validate consumer experience.

By employing these our apps network operators can stay ahead of competition, improve quality of service and provide good consumer experience.
  1. Extensive testing of smart apps which was not possible earlier
  2. Measure and validate network impact
  3. Measure traffic patterns and impact on other device functions
  4. Device and App characterization – Provide a star rating
  5. Comparative performance of competing apps
  6. Parallel testing of multiple apps
  1. Provision for better customer support by resolving app related issues quickly
  2. Simulation of human behavior to rationally measure consumer experience
  3. Storage of test results for app benchmarking


  • The solution comprises of server and device components. The devices components work on a rich command set to test various aspects of a device; whereas server components control the devices remotely and also for test report analysis. s
  • The device is actively tested by executing human-readable XML based automated test cases. The test cases are devised using a rich set of commands which can be used to multiple application and data sessions.
  • The server reports are analyzed to measure traffic patterns and validate impact of an app on device and network. The solution can be used to measure
    • Network impact – Network requests & Bandwidth used
    • Impact on other device apps including core device operations
    • Device impact - CPU usage & Battery drain
  • Our solution provides supports all the leading smart OS
    • RIM OS
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Win 7
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