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Device Solutions
Maximize Investment & Reduce Opex

A network operator performs multitude of extensive tests to launch a new smart device in the market. The tests are mostly manual and typically take anywhere between 10 weeks to 12 weeks. We have a suite of enterprise apps solutions that automate these tests to condense the time to launch and reduce manual effort substantially.

Our solution can be used for launching brand new devices as well testing the small updates. The solution is suitable for both Lab Network Field tests. The solution can be works well with multiple RAN technologies like LTE, HSPA+ and WiMax.

Our apps easily can be easily integrated with network probe software to gain more insight into network performance.
By employing these our apps network operators can stay ahead of competition, reduce operational expenditure and improve quality of service
  1. Reduce OpEx by 50%
  2. Reduce lab and field testing time by 30%
  3. Predictable time for testing & device launch
  4. Eliminate the human error
  1. Simulation of human behavior and consumer experience
  2. Easily configurable testing
  3. Real time test reporting and device validation
  4. Reuse of automated test cases across multiple devices
  5. Storage of test results for cross validation
  6. Extensive testing of smart apps which was not possible earlier
  7. Integration with Network Probes to analyze the data


  • The solution comprises of server and device components. The devices components work on a rich command set to test various aspects of a device; whereas server components control the devices remotely and also for test report analysis.
  • The device is actively tested by executing human-readable XML based automated test cases. The test cases are devised using a rich set of commands which can be used to create voice, data or application sessions.
  • Basic flow of device testing:
    • The test engineer creates and configures test suite(s) using XML command set
    • The test suite(s) are pushed to device ‘Over The Air’.
    • The tests are executed and monitored remotely by sitting in lab.SS
    • The test results are analyzed in real time using various server reports to determine if the device is worthy for general launch.
  • Our solution provides supports all the leading smart OS
    • RIM OS
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Win 7
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