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NIL LABS CEMA platform measures Voice & Data service of all operators at CTIA - 2011
Mar 24, 2011
Vikas Dahiya

NIL Labs took an opportunity to conduct an experiment to assess the end Consumer Experience at the conference, CTIA 2011 with specific attention to 3G & 4G networks. The study represents varying pattern of usage based on number of visitors at different time frames, among others. To ensure appropriate measurements towards objectives, devices were configured to operate only on specified networks.

NIL LABS system measures the parameters that are felt by the end user, such as call failure, call drop, data speed, and data connectivity failure. It is to be noted that the findings here are limited to CTIA – 2011 and possibly not indicative of overall network performance.


It was found that for Voice, A-2G performed best among the lot. Whereas for the Data connectivity, B-3G performed best. The above findings have margin of error 5%.

Following carriers & technologies were covered as part of this study:


Technologies Tested






EV-DO, WiMax




NIL Labs platform measures events based on end user activities. In CTIA, NIL Labs platform simulated end user scenarios, with activities such as a call, file down load and file upload. Sequence of activities were a call, file download and upload activity. Call durations were averaged out at 2 minutes, which is around population average in North America. For Data activity, large as well as small files were taken. It is known that failure rate goes up with size of a file, hence, the estimates were adjusted accordingly.

Pair-Wise Comparison: All devices traversed through same path, described below, allowing us to do unbiased pair-wise comparison between carriers.

Sample Size & MoE: For sake of assessing needed sample size, we used z-statistics. Based on this,  to detect difference of 2% with 95% confidence, one would require sample size of 300. Whereas for 1.5%, this # would be 700. Here, we presumed, ‘fault’ levels would be around 3%. Character.

About NIL Labs

NiL-Labs is a leading Mobile Consumer Experience Measurements And Analytics company.

Its cutting edge mCEMA™ platform offers consumer centric insights, sophisticated analysis and detailed reports that help drive strategic initiatives on Mobile Network Expansion, proactive customer Care, Marketing and Retention.

NIL Labs has world-class Delivery & Competence Centers in the U.S. and India that provide access to best-in-class talent and innovation. The company offers the highest standard of support to its worldwide customers from these centers and conducts truly global R&D. For more information, please visit www.nil-labs.com .

Download Full Report: http://www.nil-labs.com/pr/reports/2011/CTIA-2011_comparative_3G_4G_Study.pdf


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