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Continuous Consumer Experience Measurement

With the increasing popularity of smart devices, apps and data have become as important for Network operators as voice itself. There is a pressure on network operators to continuously upgrade the cell sites with newer RAN technologies, multi-mode antennas and software upgrades. Following the upgrade these cell sites have to be validated and constantly monitored for seamless network services.

The network operators can no longer bank on traditional drive testing for site validation. What was acceptable and effective in 2G world no longer works in 4G. Operators must use a solution that gives equal importance to data and voice for site validation; a solution that simulates the consumer experience and collects statistically relevant data points for network validation.

We have a suite of enterprise apps solutions that measure various network parameters to determine the fault areas. Our solution can be used for doing long-term time-phased validation of cell sites. It can be also be used for quickly determining the health of network at major even locations such as big conferences. It not only validates the network parameters but also validates consumer experience.

By employing these apps network operators can stay ahead of competition, improve quality of service and provide good consumer experience.

  1. Conclusively determine if a site can go live with changes or not
  2. Reduction in site validation time by using real time data analysis tools
  3. Reduction in CapEx by using inexpensive off-the-shelf smart-phones
  4. Reduction in OpEx by using semi-skilled manpower
  5. Collection of spatial and time based statistically relevant records
  6. Continuous measurement and validation of Network sites
  7. OTA installation and remote device control
  8. Simultaneous voice and data tests
  • Determine the health of a Super Cluster/Cluster based on site health
  • Extensive in-building measurements – a crucial component of consumer experience
  • Integration with network logs like Ericsson/ALU to complete the picture
  • Simulation of human behavior to rationally measure consumer experience
  • Storage of test results for benchmarking
  • Can be used to measure effectiveness of competitor’s network


  • The solution comprises of a multi-tier architecture having server and device components. The devices components simulates voice and data sessions to measure network performance. The device components also send the network data to server for complete analysis.
  • The network can be actively and constantly tested using by placing devices at strategic locations.  The devices can be remotely controlled by server to measure network performance at appropriate time.
  • Rich KPI Set
  • Our solution supports multiple RAN technologies
    • 4G
      • LTE
      • HSPA+
      • WiMax
    • 3G
      • HSPA
      • WCDMA
      • UMTS
  • Our solution can be used with all the leading smart phones
    • RIM Blackberrys
    • Apple iPhones
    • Google Android based phones
    • Microsoft Windows 7 based phones
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