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Device Based Consumer Insights



In today’s cut-throat competitive world, a healthy pulse of market and the competition is necessary to be successful in business. Today every business tries to find out market share of its products and services with respect to its competition.

There is a need to estimate of market share and flow share (trend) for telecom operators in an efficient, cost-effective, unbiased and statistically significant manner. The telecom operators can become highly successful if they can gain real time insight into market share of its data services with respect to competition.

We have a technology based approach that can realistically determine market share, movement in market share from one player to other and absolute increase in overall market size. Our technology based approach is very different from traditional market research but provides some inherent advantages to gauge realistic market statistics.

By employing our novel approach for determining market share and flow share a telecom service provider can utilize metrics driven decision making tools to stay ahead of competition.

  1. Dynamic collection of data for generating real-time statistics
  2. Highly cost effective as compared to traditional market research or panel based approach
  3. Statistics based on unbiased, true representative and sizable sample representing hundreds of thousands of consumers instead of few hundred as in panel based approach.
  4. Measurement of actual reality rather than the perception of few hundred consumers as in case of market research
  5. Supports data modeling for accurate forecasting
  6. Helps in strategic planning
  1. A technology based approach that removes consumer biases and reduces cost
  2. An approach based upon our unique patent pending data collection methodology
  3. A unique approach where the telecom service providers do not have to invest in any new technology – Zero CapEx


  • The solution comprises of a multi-tier architecture having server and device components. The devices components simulates voice and data sessions to measure network performance. The device components also send the network data to server for producing benchmarking reports and doing extensive analysis.
  • The networks can be actively and constantly benchmarked by using by placing devices at strategic locations.  The devices can be remotely controlled by server to measure network performance at any given time.
  • Rich KPI Set
  • Consumer Relevant parameters
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