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The network operators can become highly successful if they can gain real time insight into competitors’ network. Our smart phone based solution can provide competitors’ network insights and much more. With our solution the operators can remedy RF gaps and optimize their network performance based on the market intelligence.

Our solution not only validates the network parameters but also validates consumer experience. It can be used for doing long-term time-phased validation of cell sites. It can seamlessly benchmark network performance both indoors and outdoors.

By employing these our apps network operators can stay ahead of competition, improve quality of service and provide good consumer experience. The benchmarking results can be used as a marketing tool to remain in forefront.

Explore Our Technology....

  1. Continuous measurement and benchmarking of competitors' network.
  2. Real time availability of benchmarking data.
  3. Reduction in CapEx by using inexpensive off-the-shelf smart-phones.
  4. Reduction in OpEx by using semi-skilled manpower.
  5. Helps in strategic planning.



  1. Simulation of human behavior to rationally measure consumer experience.
  2. Benchmarking can be done not only with network KPIs but also for consumer relevant parameters like percentage of dropped calls, data throughput etc.
  3. Benchmarking across multiple RAN technologies is possible.
  4. Can be used to do network benchmarking indoors and outdoors.
  5. Collection of spatial and time based statistically relevant records.
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